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Precis Digital managed to transpose CX data into data-driven decisions that led to an increased NPS and improved response rates.


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Precis Digital Overview

With offices across Scandinavia and the UK and over 450 people on board, Precis Digital is one of the highest ranking workplaces in Scandinavia. Founded in 2012, this data-driven marketing agency helps brands identify digital growth opportunities, as well as develop and implement successful digital strategies.

Precis Digital’s Challenges

Given their ambition, lagging behind on the delivered customer experience was not an option. A positive impact had to be reflected not only via extensive expertise in the digital marketing field, but also in relation to their clients. A strong and trustworthy customer relationship was essential for success.
As a customer-centric, data-driven company, they wanted to have a better understanding of what their customers loved about their services, what drove their satisfaction, as well as spot areas for further improvement.
Specializing in data science, they do understand the reliability of data like no other. So Precis Digital needed a CX platform that could easily collect actionable customer feedback allowing for data-driven decisions. They required software that could properly segment and display the gathered survey data across different metrics, several customer groups and specific touchpoints.

The Solution

Precis Digital mainly relies on NPS to track the customer satisfaction with their agency and anticipate customer needs. For more accurate results they segmented the audience of the recurring NPS campaigns, based on demographics. The NPS campaigns thus provide a lot of feedback on the overall perception of the brand, as well as pointers on how to improve their offering.
Precis Digital has meticulously approached the task of collecting customer feedback and following up with the audience, putting a stress on personal touch rather than speed.
Since they have a rather personalized approach towards the surveying process, they enjoy an impressive response rate of 57%. Data displays more engagement with customers who live in Denmark, as compared to the ones outside the country, speaking of a strong positioning on the local market.

Results With Retently

Their NPS has improved since introducing Retently, having now a value of 55, hence their engagement efforts proved effective. Being able to segment their audience, they managed to find out what customer groups needed more attention.
Thanks to the Retently’s segmentation, customization and automation capabilities the company recorded a very good response rate which translates into more valuable feedback, more accurate data and of course more openness on the customer's side to make the service even better.
Retently’s user-friendly dashboard paired with in-depth analytics, made it easier for Precis Digital to interpret survey data and make decisions based on customer needs and wants. They could also single out pressing issues that required immediate action for an improved customer experience.
Being able to export scores and feedback to be shared across the team, they were able to  also shape better marketing campaigns that resonate with their target audience.
Henrik Eriksson
Admin Specialist @ Precis Digital
Retently helps us to easily measure our customer experience and identify key drivers behind customer satisfaction!

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