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Brand Overview

PSD Underwear was founded in 2007 by Curt and Ryan Flaitz with the mission of creating comfortable and stylish underwear for men and women. The brand gained a reputation for its innovative designs and high-quality materials, becoming a popular choice among athletes and everyday people alike.
The brand's slogan, "Wear Your Life," reflects their belief that underwear is not only a functional item but a personal expression of who you are. Despite being worn by several top NBA and NFL players, PSD Underwear is a brand that is dedicated to creating premium underwear that is accessible to all while promoting a positive message of self-expression.
Since its founding, PSD Underwear has garnered a loyal following among men and women of all ages and lifestyles and has been featured in publications like ESPN and Sports Illustrated.

PSD’s CX Challenges

PSD was using a generic Shopify app for customer surveys, but its limited features left them searching for a more suitable replacement. Their expectations for the new product included the ability to conduct in-app surveys and a good price given the large volume of surveys needed to cover the scale of their business.
The company also demonstrated a commitment to being fully data-driven. They were implementing a Customer Data Platform to help consolidate customer data.
Hence, before using Retently, PSD Underwear faced several challenges that hindered its ability to provide an optimal customer experience.
To start with, it’s the lack of visibility into customer behavior and preferences. Without access to data on what products were most popular and what customers were looking for in terms of style and fit, the brand could not make informed decisions on product development and marketing strategies.
In addition, the brand was struggling with limited visibility into the customer journey. Without a clear understanding of how customers interact with the brand, it was difficult to identify improvement opportunities and tailor the customer experience to meet their needs. The lack of a cohesive system for tracking customer interactions and feedback made it challenging for the brand to identify trends and roadblocks and effectively address them.
Also, not being able to accurately measure customer loyalty and retention made it troublesome for the brand to identify and prioritize high-value customers. That hindered their ability to create targeted marketing campaigns and retain valuable customers.
It was also crucial to integrate the CX tool with different systems they were already using (with Shopify Plus as a priority) in order to avoid a disjointed customer experience and automate processes. This would help the brand deliver a seamless, personalized customer journey and miss no improvement opportunities.

The Solution

The brand analyzed many tools but ultimately chose Retently because it was the best fit for their needs. To address the many challenges, PSD Underwear implemented Retently, which offered a comprehensive solution that could:
Provide valuable customer insights and powerful analytics
Enhance the customer experience via a personalized approach
Integrate with relevant tools for a seamless customer journey
Streamline communication across teams to identify improvement opportunities
When PSD started using Retently, they could create automated CX campaigns that matched the brand’s image via a variety of personalization options. The survey campaigns were ready in no time to collect actionable real-time data via different channels: email, in-app, and SMS/messenger-link.
Given the impressive audience and the corresponding amount of expected data, it was essential to not only capture the data but also be able to analyze it effectively. Yet, the easy-to-use dashboard and comprehensive reports were there for PSD Underwear to support them in their quest to identify possible issues and improvement opportunities.
Retently also ensured integration with other systems, such as Shopify and Zendesk, saving significant time and effort via the seamless automation workflows.
Hence, the CX software provided an all-in-one platform for managing customer data across channels, giving the brand a comprehensive view of the customer journey and a good understanding of the customer needs.

Result with Retently

Since implementing the CX tool, PSD Underwear has experienced a number of positive results in terms of managing and improving the customer experience.
PSD has started its journey on solid footing, adopting a number of metrics and channels for a more efficient reach-out. They extensively implemented NPS, CES, and multiple CSAT campaigns to cover the entire customer journey and miss no critical feedback.
Gian Singh
Director of Ecommerce
Since migrating our CX survey system to Retently, we've been able to collect feedback, ratings, and service scores at every key point of our shopping experience. Leveraging NPS surveys, CES in-app/on-site, CSAT married with Zendesk, and Delivery Satisfaction surveys we've been able to better understand our customers and make more informed decisions
With an impressive NPS of 72 - well above the industry average -  PSD is strongly committed to capturing actionable customer feedback and making the necessary improvements to deliver enjoyable experiences.
PSD has a vast customer base and a great response rate, sending out tens of thousands of surveys per month while landing a significant amount of data to act on. They cover each touchpoint of the customer journey, including:
CES web pop-up surveys - to inquire about the shopping experience after the payment is made;
NPS email surveys - to learn more about the post-fulfillment experience;
CSAT link surveys (Delivery SAT campaign using the emoji rating) - to find out about the delivery experience;
CSAT email and link surveys - to follow up on the customer service experience.
Hence, Retently provided the brand with greater visibility into customer satisfaction across the entire customer journey - from initial engagement to post-purchase support - allowing them to identify opportunities for improvement and optimize the customer experience at every stage. This has resulted in a more personalized and seamless customer experience, which inevitably contributes to increased customer satisfaction.
They extensively use the delay and throttle options to avoid over-surveying customers. For example, the NPS survey is sent 14 days after the purchase, while the CSAT survey is triggered 2 days after the ticket is closed, with a throttle of 30 and respectively 10 days. The survey reminder option helps them promptly follow up with the customers who did not respond in order to increase the response rate. The campaign alerts have also served them well, allowing them to always stay up-to-date with critical feedback that needs immediate attention.
In addition, Retently has enabled the brand to collect and analyze customer data more effectively, allowing them to make informed decisions about the customer experience. This has resulted in a more targeted and effective approach to marketing and product development.
For example, using feedback analytics, the brands found that customers love their product styles & design, quality, and fit. However, they still need to work on delivery and shipping speed. To better understand how the agents are performing, they are analyzing CSAT data by the agent to bring in the necessary support improvements.
Overall, Retently provided the brand with a dynamic and comprehensive solution for tracking customer satisfaction across channels and touchpoints. By streamlining processes and gathering insights, the brand has been able to better understand and meet the needs of its customers, resulting in improved satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. ​​By continually striving to improve the customer experience, PSD Underwear is well-positioned to maintain its place as a leading player in their niche.
Gian Singh
Director of Ecommerce
As a fully data-driven company, we understand the importance of using tools and technologies that help us make informed decisions and improve our customer experience. That's why we were thrilled to discover Retently. Not only has it made it easier for us to track and measure customer feedback, but it has also given us valuable insights into areas where we can improve our products and services. One of the things we appreciate most about this tool is its ability to integrate seamlessly with our existing data systems. This has allowed us to easily analyze and understand customer data, ultimately leading to more informed decision-making and a better overall customer experience.

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