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Umart Online is an Australian family-owned and operated online computer retailer specializing in computer hardware, software, and peripherals. Founded in 1999, it has since grown to become one of the leading ecommerce platforms in the country. With four major distribution centers, multiple retail locations in every state, a massive range of products, and a reputation for offering competitive prices and excellent customer service, it is obvious why Umart Online has become Australia’s Number One Online Computer Store.
The company offers a wide range of products from top brands, including laptops, desktop computers, monitors, and accessories. Umart also provides expert advice and support to help customers find the right products for their needs. Whether customers are looking to upgrade their home office setup or build a powerful gaming rig, Umart has the products and expertise to help.

Umart’s Challenges

Umart required a reliable and cost-efficient CX platform that would make it easy for them to have all their customer satisfaction data under one roof. They wanted to use data to find and correct flaws, optimize the customer experience and inspire customers to make repeat purchases. Given their vast customer base, their chance to get actionable insights to act on was prone to success with the right software.
Having used AskNicely previously, the ability to import historical feedback was crucial to them. This would have allowed Umart to continue tracking trends in customer satisfaction and detect trend changes early on.
The company needed to ensure a good response rate for their surveys; therefore, the personalization options, segmentation capabilities, and the ability to connect Retently to their online store to streamline data exchange were among the priorities.
They wanted to measure their customer satisfaction via three metrics - NPS, CSAT, and CES - to keep a pulse on the delivered customer experience at critical points in the customer journey. They also required integrations with the tools they already use, like Zendesk, to be able to trigger the surveys once a support ticket is closed.

The Solution - Retently CX

First, Umart had the great advantage of importing all their customer data and historical feedback from AskNicely, building up on the existing data rather than starting from scratch. With Retently, they could also significantly cut the CX operations costs - more than 250% savings - without compromising customer experience or requiring an increase in people cost to implement. As a business, Umart runs a high volume and low margin, so costs are extremely important.
Since they send out a rather impressive number of surveys which amount to tens of thousands of monthly transactions, they use Retently to effectively manage and understand customer expectations. All received feedback is securely stored and aggregated; the results are displayed on a user-friendly dashboard and interpreted with advanced analytics.
They actively engage with their customers at different touchpoints and rely on three CX metrics:
NPS - inquiring about the customer feedback post-delivery, as well as on the in-store experience;
CSAT - inviting feedback on the provided warranty experience;
CES - focusing on customer service interactions. Umart has a different approach to collecting feedback after support tickets are solved, with most companies opting for CSAT, instead. However, this works very well for their purposes.
The NPS and CSAT campaigns are triggered using Retently’s API. Via the API, they could create automation playbooks, allowing them to keep their contacts up-to-date, receive scores or the latest feedback, unsubscribe customers, etc. - all without leaving their online store.
The CES campaign is triggered using Retently’s Zendesk integration. Every time a support ticket is closed, the customer is prompted with a CES survey asking them how easy it was for them to solve their issue.
Umart tries to leave no stone unturned, seeking feedback in every way to ensure less friction and deliver outstanding experiences. They send out tens of thousands of surveys under their NPS, CES, and CSAT campaigns, having an average response rate of 24% - a very good value compared to what they had historically with AskNicely at around 8%.

Results With Retently






Umart started using Retently back in October 2020. Since then, they have made sure to actively use the product to meet their goals, excelling in providing a cutting-edge customer experience mirrored in their constantly evolving customer satisfaction scores.
Their approach towards collecting customer feedback works very well, keeping their customers engaged at all times. Umart is way ahead of its peers, displaying impressive scores for all metrics: an NPS of 84 - twice the industry average and a 29% increase compared to the AskNicely value; a CSAT score of 82%, and a CES result of 90%. The share of Promoters, Passives, and Detractors also backs up the statement, as Promoters certainly lead the pack.
With Retently, Umart recorded a measurable increase in the customer’s lifetime value since they could prioritize development areas more efficiently. The service helped them find out what their loyal customers value the most - great service, attractive price, efficient delivery, speed - so they can highlight them when marketing and selling their services. They were not excused from negative feedback, but they did their best to follow up and act on the existing issues.
There is also a misconception that if a business uses products with survey functionality, there is no need for dedicated survey software. Although Zendesk has this functionality, Umart understands that such an important source of actionable data as customer feedback needs proper attention, which only specialized survey software can offer.
Irrespective of the tools a company uses daily to streamline the business processes, there are clear advantages in using specialized CX software to manage the customer experience: a user-friendly dashboard allowing you to analyze the data skillfully, in-depth analytics efficient in spotting trends and outlining preferences and needs, as well as effective automation capabilities, saving a lot of time and effort - just to name a few.
Evan Casey
Head of Customer Service @ Umart
I have had no doubt that switching to Retently was one of the best decisions I have made at Umart. The platform is incredibly easy to use and the onboarding process was a breeze, thanks to the helpful team at Retently. It has been a valuable tool in improving our customer experience and I highly recommend it to other businesses looking to gather customer feedback and make informed decisions based on that data.

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