Zyte Boosts NPS Through Seamless Integrations

Zyte (formerly Scrapinghub) raised its NPS above the industry average by using Retently


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Zyte, formerly known as Scrapinghub, is a leading provider of web scraping and data extraction services. The company was founded in 2010 and has since grown to serve thousands of customers worldwide, helping them overcome data collection and analysis challenges.
With a focus on providing high-quality and scalable solutions, Zyte helps companies in various industries, including e-commerce, finance, and market research. The company's robust technology and experienced team have helped it earn a reputation as a reliable and efficient provider of web scraping services. The world's largest organizations, including Amazon, Microsoft, and eBay, have used Zyte.

Zyte’s Challenges

Like many businesses, Zyte was focused on providing excellent customer experiences, but they struggled to get a clear picture of how their customers felt about their services. Zyte needed to better understand its customers’ needs, but they had trouble finding an NPS provider that also offered seamless integration with the other software they relied on – namely, Salesforce, Intercom, Freshdesk, and Slack.
Their customer data was spread across Salesforce and Intercom, so it was crucial for them to be able to connect the dots between the two services. While Zyte uses Freshdesk to trigger and send CSAT (customer satisfaction) surveys when support tickets are closed, their teams utilize Slack extensively for internal communication.
Moreover, as an open-source, proudly anti-vendor lock-in provider of web scraping services, Zyte is all about the white label. They needed a survey template that was not branded to add their own sender domain to the NPS surveys for clients to know the surveys were coming directly from them. This would help to build trust and credibility with their clients.
In addition to those major challenges, Zyte wanted an NPS tool that would enable them to easily segment their customer data on Intercom and keep their teams looped into the newest NPS data and customer feedback.
They also sought a way to schedule surveys at specific business hours to ensure an optimal response rate.

The Solution

Zyte was pleased with Retently’s integrations from the start. They began using the product in January 2018 and were able to integrate it seamlessly with their other platforms.
Their teams could now instantly receive NPS-related notifications on Slack, which let them quickly process feedback, coordinate within teams, and follow up in a timely manner. They were also able to sync all their client data on Salesforce and Intercom with Retently.
Zyte configured all surveys to be sent from their own email domain so that customers would have no doubt whom the survey came from – and be likelier to respond.
They created a survey campaign for each of their products so they could assess customer satisfaction for each one separately in addition to monitoring the NPS of the company as a whole (company score). The team at Zyte also made sure to carefully design their surveys and tailor them to their specific audience. This included using language that was easy to understand and making the surveys as short and concise as possible.
Furthermore, Zyte took advantage of Retently’s automation scenarios to set highly specific parameters for their survey scheduling times, intervals, and reminders.
Thanks to all the above, Zyte gained a comprehensive overview of their NPS score and customer feedback.
As the icing on the cake, Zyte bolstered its product development process using Retently’s in-depth analytics to quickly understand customer feedback and address any pressing needs or issues.

Results with Retently

Retently’s integrations saved Zyte the time and effort of having to manually upload customer data or manage communication across multiple platforms.
Integration with Intercom and Salesforce lets Zyte effortlessly connect the dots between its various client data sources. The company could import lists and segments from Intercom, export NPS feedback and scores, and even sync new customers and leads.
At the same time, integration with Slack enabled them to have notifications sent to Zyte’s Slack channels whenever a customer completes a survey. This accelerated the company’s response time to customer needs.
Zyte’s NPS has remained stable and far above average for their industry since introducing Retently.

Last but not least, Retently helped Zyte:

discover which products needed improvement thanks to separate surveys for each product.
increase their survey response rate by customizing campaign times across locations.
use detailed analysis and reporting to easily track and compare NPS scores over time and identify trends or changes in satisfaction levels.
Pablo Hoffmann
Co-Founder and Director @ Zyte
Retently is intuitive, fully customizable and automated, and we were able to integrate with the services that we're using. We now have a much easier time understanding customer needs and acting on them in a timely manner.

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